'Will And Grace' Reunion Has Plenty Of Laughs (Mostly At Donald Trump's Expense)

As usual, the gang are pulling no punches.

Still, the original four leading cast members managed to turn what could have been something preachy and heavy-handed into a genuinely funny 10-minute sketch, there to remind us what made ‘Will And Grace’ so great all those years ago.

The new video debuted online on Monday (26 September) night, and in addition to to its political message, there were still plenty of laugh-out-loud moments (although, it has to be said, a lot of them were at the expense of Donald Trump).

Vote Honey

In keeping with the original sitcom, which ran for eight series until its conclusion in 2006, the sketch is also littered with pop culture references, whether it’s Will and Jack geeking out over ‘Dancing With The Stars’, Grace lamenting the ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ movie or Jack slating Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for ending their marriage the same week his latest doomed relationship ended.

The video coincided with the first US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which aired on Monday.

Vote Honey

See the 10-minute clip, titled ‘Vote Honey’, in full above - and make sure you watch till the end, so you don’t miss a brief appearance from Rosario…

The original cast of ‘Will And Grace’ met up for a reunion of sorts earlier this year - at the same TV special as the main stars of ‘Friends’ - though Debra Messing was unable to attend, due to a scheduling conflict.

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