Wine Condoms Exist (But Not For The Reason You Might Think)


Someone has created wine condoms. But we’re not talking about Rioja-flavoured latex used for preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Oh no, these bad boys are used to protect wine from spilling out of bottles.


The wine condom acts as a functional bottle stopper by rolling down over a bottle neck much like, ahem, it would something else.

The shrink-to-fit technology of the condom creates a water-tight seal on any bottle, preventing precious wine from spilling out or going off.

Wine condoms are “99.9% effective at preventing unplanned wine spillages” and they don’t add any extra height to your bottles, meaning they should fit nicely in your fridge door pocket.

The condom can also be used on other bottles of booze like beer, spirits and even bubbly.

The perfect stocking filler for wine-lovers? We think so.