'Wine Contouring' Is The Makeup Trick We've All Been Waiting For

EVERY day is the new Friday!

Achieving Kim Kardashian-heights of contouring using only a trusty bronzer and random household items is nothing new - but if you're not the kind of gal to stick sellotape all over your face in the name of beauty, we may have the tutorial for you.

It's called 'wine contouring' and it's about to get your entire life lit.

Thanks to Revelist editor Alle Connell, you can now sculpt out the face of your dreams using nothing but a wine bottle.

Oh and get this, you can drink the wine too because it doesn't even matter if you're completely wasted. That wine bottle has got your cheekbones' back.

Friday night just got a whole lot better. Or Thursday, because Thursday is the new Friday or actually any day come to think of it.


*10 thousand red wine glass Emojis*