22/11/2017 16:08 GMT | Updated 24/11/2017 14:04 GMT

14 Perfect Baby Names For Children Born In The Winter Months

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Baby nameinspiration can be found in the simple things, such as the time of year, or the weather.

The wintery months provide lots of options for parents with a baby born between December and February (and don’t let this hold you back if you can’t resist a June-born Snow).

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Here are 14 winter inspired baby names, perfect for your newborn boy or girl.

  • Robin
    Robin is English in origin, and originally became popular because of Robin Hood. Today the name is more closely associated with the British wintery bird - the robin red breast. 
  • Snow
    Nothing says winter months like longing for a touch of snow on the ground. Whether you love it or hate it, a white Christmas is symbolic of the season.
  • Alaska
    This might seem like an odd choice for non-Americans, but famous for being a place of temperature extremes, Alaska has beautiful origins, meaning 'great land'.
  • Noelle
    Noelle (or Noel) translates from French to Christmas.
  • January
    Made famous by actress January Jones, this would be a great choice for a baby born in the first month of the year, or for parents who love the new beginnings it represents.
  • Elsa
    The idea of calling your child Elsa might give lots of parents Frozen-related nightmares, but you have to admit, it's pretty wintery.
  • Holly
    What could be more traditional than paying homage to the winter shrub? Holly is a name with English roots. 
  • Paloma
    The Spanish name for dove, Paloma is a great choice for a girl. 
  • Neva
    In Latin, the word 'nivis' means snow and this has evolved into Neva in the English language. A great choice if you fancy weather-inspired monikers, but want to be less obvious.
  • Demi
    Demeter was the Greek goddess responsible for the arrival of winter. Shortened to Demi this is a great name for a child of the colder months.
  • Lumi
    Meaning snow in Finnish, Lumi is a great choice (even if the most snow we get is some wet slush).
  • Bianca
    Famous for staring in both Shakespeare's 'Othello' and 'The Taming Of The Shrew', Bianca actually translates to white. 
  • Ember
    A less conventional choice (sounding a little like Amber), Ember evokes images of cold nights getting cosy by the fire. 
  • Eirwen
    Eirwen is a Welsh name (pronouced 'Ay-ren') and roughly translates to white as snow.

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