This Woman And Her Disastrous BBQ Attempt Is All Of Us This Summer

'I think I lost part of an eyebrow.'

Summer's almost here which can only mean one thing: BBQs (and lots of 'em).

For some, the art of barbecuing comes naturally. However for one woman, her BBQ session resulted in a string of rather unfortunate events.

To begin with, things seemed to be going well. She had all of the equipment needed to cook some tasty burgers. What could possibly go wrong?

But lighting the BBQ actually turned out to be quite dangerous. Her facial hair was first to feel the heat....

Then the BBQ decided to go out.

To get it going again, she threw a paper towel on it.

Nothing could stop her now.

But then disaster struck and her metal utensil fell apart.

After a lot of faffing, the burgers were finally on the grill.

All was going well...

And then she realised she'd bought the wrong kind of bun.

Aaaaand her burgers had shrunk.

It was a good effort, but the BBQ gods just weren't on her side that day.

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