Woman Gets Sexually Harassed, Posts Video On Twitter And Gets Trolled For it

What kind of world do we live in?

A freelance journalist has been trolled after posting a video of herself being sexually assaulted on the streets of Mexico.

Andrea Noel had her underwear taken down by a man who crept up behind her, before committing the lewd act.

She later posted CCTV footage of the incident in an attempt to identify the man, and to raise awareness of the harassment that women face.

"If anyone recognises this idiot, please identify him #HappyWomensDay" she wrote under the video.

But instead of receiving help, Noel was instead abused a second time.

One Twitter user wrote "You will pay for this sons, sons of a bitch" while another said: "Andrea Noel is a feminize bitch who did this shit video precisely to sculpt everything she is saying."

Noel has since spoken out about the threats, tweeting: "Women: keep reporting this violence. Don’t let them shut us up."

Noel has compiled screenshots of the abuse and has sent them to Twitter in an attempt to get the accounts deleted.

Twitter is yet to respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post UK.