Woman Proves She's Still Wearing Her Very 90s-Style Bridesmaid Dress 22 Years Later

'What do you mean sorry about the dresses? I wear mine all the time.'

For most women a bridesmaid dress is worn once and never seen again.

But after Tammi Kippes Sauer, a children’s book author from Kansas, shared a throwback snap of her wedding to celebrate her 22nd anniversary, one bridesmaid proved her love for her bridesmaid dress was still going strong.

Taking to Facebook on 17 June, Sauer posted the snap along with an apology for the burgundy lace bridesmaid dresses, saying:

“These two 22-year-olds are celebrating 22 years of marriage! Hubba-hubba.
(My apologies for those dresses, ladies,” she wrote.

Bridesmaid Heidi Bruce Mann promptly shared a photoshoot of her wearing her dress.

Responding to Sauer on the same day, Mann posted a series of hilarious photos - from doing laundry and gardening to chilling out - while wearing the dress.

“What do you mean sorry about the dresses? I wear mine all the time,” Mann wrote.

And social media users were quick to point out it was a popular design at the time:

“They look just like my bridesmaid dresses, except mine were navy with the white trim. Too funny,” one user wrote.

Another posted: “My sister and her husband are also celebrating their 22nd anniversary this June. I wore a strikingly similar bridesmaids gown for their wedding―off the shoulder was quite the look then.”


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