Rescue Operation For Woman, Sarah Albone, Who Climbed Ben Nevis With Selfie Stick Was Very Cheap

Aside from the fact she survived, obviously.

A woman has apologised and admitted she was a "massive p****" after she climbed Ben Nevis in shorts and trainers armed only with a selfie stick.

Sarah Albone, 28, managed to reach the summit of Britain's highest mountain but had to be rescued when hypothermia set in.

A team of four male climbers who reached the summit at around the same time and found her "drenched and frozen".

Sara Albone on top of Brecon Beacons mountain range
Sara Albone on top of Brecon Beacons mountain range

One of them sacrificed their clothes to keep her warm. A rescue helicopter could not be deployed due to thick cloud.

Her actions were described as "ridiculous" and "irresponsible" by a mountain rescue team leader and she later appeared very contrite.

Albone said: "All of the people involved were incredibly brave and kind and went beyond the call of duty to help when most people would tell you to go on alone.

"It was a really lucky escape. I think if it had not been for these guys I could have died. I got to the top, but started feeling really dizzy and I could not feel my own body.

"I started feeling like I was a bit drunk and got to a point where I could not walk any further. The experience has really highlighted to me the need to always pack items that are essential for mountain climbing.

"If it was not for the guys that helped me, Ben Nevis would have definitely been Ben Never."

Aside from the fact she didn't die, there is another silver lining to the misadventure - the rescue operation barely cost a thing.

A member of the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team told The Huffington Post UK: "The operation cost one phone call to give advice to the party who called in the concern about the girl’s condition. We advised the party to descend to avoid hypothermia."

So there you go.

Still, despite the cheap cost of rescue it's still not advisable to give it a go yourself.


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