Woman 'Vanishes' During Live TV Interview, Viewers Decide It MUST Be Aliens

Or could she be a ghost?

A live TV interview has left viewers puzzled after a woman standing in the background seemingly disappears into thin air.

The Danish news report shows the moment that the unnamed woman stands at a baggage area of an airport.

Seconds later another traveller walks past, concealing the mystery woman's whereabouts. After that she does not reappear.

People have since shared the clip on Reddit, with viewers asking where the woman could have gone.

Despite there being an obvious answer to the 'disappearance', viewers wrote they believed she was a "ghost" while others blamed "alien activity".

The video was posted to the site with the comment "So? Everything disappears in baggage claim."

Another user wrote: "No matter how many times I watch this, It's still awkward and creepy as fuck."

It's not the first time that a ghostly mystery has been captured on live TV.

In 2014 a "phantom football fan" appeared to be running through the stands during a match between Argentina Racing And River Plate.

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