8 Dreamy Work From Home Set-Ups To Inspire Your Desk Space

These home office design ideas will actually make you want to sit down and work.

Going stir-crazy staring at the same four walls working from home? You’re not the only one, pal. Another day not in the office, another day working hard at our make-shift desk set-ups.

Some of us are lucky enough to have pets for colleagues, others face the challenges of having kids running around in the background during important work video calls. Not everyone has a separate room they can transform into a home office – or even a proper desk to work from, for that matter. It’s tough.

But there’s a lot you can do to revamp your desk set-up – even in small spaces. We’ve gathered the best office ideas from Instagram, which will inspire you to design a work-friendly space in your home, now we’re working there for the foreseeable future.

Keep things super simple and clean. Opt for a sleek setup with hints of tan brown for a subtle colour coordination look. Invest in a good comfy desk chair like this one and your back will thank you.

Adding light to your set-up can create a warm glowing ambience and change the mood while you’re working.

Not only that, it adds a pop of colour and a fun design.

Let there be natural light! Reposition your desk to ensure maximum natural daylight and vitamin D comes through, which in turn, can boost mood and help with productivity.

Plus, bits of sunrays peeping through makes everything look better and brighter.

Go back in time to the good old days. Adding vintage and antique touches can make the space look more refined and give it a character.

A retro wooden desk can be the main focal point – add some cool framed drawings and a comfy cushion, and you’re good to go.

Pegboards are everywhere at the moment – and with good reason.

They’re a practical storage solution for everyday items, letting you display them proudly, incorporating them as a part of the design.

Plants are crucial for an Insta-worthy set-up, if Instagram is anything to go by. The key? Squeeze as many plants as you can possibly find into the space.

Introducing a bright colour scheme into your workspace is a guaranteed way to turn that frown upside down.

Play around with different colours of the rainbow and find the perfect palette that complements each other.

No space? No problem. Turn awkward, tight corners (or the space under your stairs) into a WFH corner. A stylish solution, which is a great equaliser for design and helps you tackle these dead zones.