Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk Shares His Decorating Ideas For Lockdown

Transform your home with the design guru’s tips and tricks.

Don’t let lockdown dampen your spirits. Seeing as we’re spending so much time indoors use this opportunity to revamp up your home and give it a new lease of life. You can actually style your home without buying anything new or spending a fortune, especially when money can be tight during this time.

From rearranging furniture or simply adding a minor detail or two, you can make your home look like a brand new space. We turn to Bobby Berk, skilled interior designer and one fifth of Netflix’s Queer Eye, for his pearls of wisdom on how we can update our space whilst in quarantine.

Bobby Berk
Bobby Berk
Bobby Berk

Clean home, clean life.

This might seem obvious, but giving your house a spring clean can do wonders for zhuzhing things up. It’s okay to feel a little deflated and unmotivated at the moment, start small and take on little tasks such as decluttering and taking inventory of what you actually need and muse makes it less daunting.

“Allow yourself to purge all of the clutter in your home that you never use. If it’s in good condition and someone else could get some use out of it, donate it to a local cause” Berk tells HuffPost UK. “Less visual clutter in your space will clear your mind to help you stay positive and focused while working from home.”

Discover a style that suits you.

Do you opt for bright patterns and colours? Or, something more neutral and calm? Don’t fret about not knowing where to start or what sort of decor you like. Be inspired by your own space and let that influence the style of the interiors.

“Lean into the architecture first and that might give you a jumping-off point for your home. For example, an old craftsman home will feel weird having sleek and minimal furnishings,” he suggests. “If you’re still having a hard time determining your style take a look inside your closet. Taking cues from what you love to put on your body can help determine what type of space you’d like to live in.

Bobby Berk Interior Design
Huffpost UK
Bobby Berk Interior Design

Move it all about.

If you’re looking to switch things up around the house, try moving pieces from one room to another to make things feel different. A different layout can achieve a different way of thinking.

“The first step to arranging a room is to decide what your focal wall is and that wall will act as the North Star to your room design,” Bobby explains. “Is it your fireplace, a wall of windows, a TV console? Once you determine that wall, then I like to place the sofa directly across from it and build out from there. Playing ‘musical chairs’ with the things you already own can make things feel fresh when you can’t invest in new pieces.”

Attention to detail.

It’s the little things in life that can make a big difference and the same rules apply for decorating. Small details such as swapping hardware, adding a mirror, or being creative with wallpaper for furniture can give a quick refresh.

“Never underestimate the power of a quick coat of paint on an old piece of furniture. I love bringing in graphic elements to help my designs stay modern and fresh,” he recommends. “Black is my go-to, not only does it give life to the new piece but the black colour can help modernise the room it is in.”

If you’re in a small space a mirror is your best friend and can help give the illusion of making a room feel bigger. “Go big! I always like to go overscale with mirrors, it reflects and bounces light around the room,” Bobby suggests. “If you’re looking for a formal look you can always flank a mirror with two sconces (plug-in), which will give it some symmetry.”

Queer Eye's Bobby Berk
Bobby Berk
Queer Eye's Bobby Berk

Dim down the lights.

It’s not the first thing on people’s minds when transforming a space, but lighting plays an important part when it comes to giving your home a quick makeover.

“Find a fixture that has more bulbs than your current fixture and install a dimmer. By adding more light at a dimmed setting, it will fill the room with more light that is softer and at a better colour,” Bobby suggests. “If you aren’t feeling up to installing a new light fixture, then the same trick works with table and floor lamps. A dimmer plug can allow you to turn the brightness down.”

Let’s take it outside.

With temperatures set to soar this bank holiday weekend get those gardens in order and take your outside space from drab to fab in just a few minutes with little-to-no handy skills.

“More often than not, people forget that their outdoor spaces are an extension of their indoor spaces and the same design and styling rules should apply,” he explains. “Just as you wouldn’t just place a sofa and a few chairs in your living room with nothing else – the same goes for your outdoor space. Use pillows, outdoor throws, a rug, and some potted plants to help it feel more inviting and like a living space.”

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