Queer Eye: 35 Things Guaranteed To Happen On Every Episode Of Our Favourite Netflix Show

From Antoni smouldering and JVN being iconic, to Bobby quietly getting on with all the work.

As season four of Queer Eye arrives on Netflix, we count up all the things you can (probably) expect to see as the Fab Five get to work on changing the lives of a new batch of participants...

1. There’s lots of highjinx in the car as the Fab Five receive the lowdown on who they are travelling to meet

2. Such is the excitement, we genuinely get concerned they might have an accident at any given minute

3. The Fab Five then rock up in the arse end of nowhere

4. And just about manage to reserve judgement as they meet their new subject

5. Before causing chaos as they have a nosey around the hero’s (often questionable) living situation

6. And they don’t hold back when it comes to rummaging through their possessions

7. Such is the task ahead of them, there’s a moment where everyone wonders where they will even start

8. But then Tan comes along...

9. He and the hero then head to the nearest branch of Big and Long

10. And Tan gathers up more outfit combinations than it is ever possible for one person to wear

11. After much trying-on, Tan then adds a French tuck to the look and is like:

12. Although it’s clear to see the hero is not always as convinced by his selections as he is

13. Meanwhile, Antoni is ready in the kitchen to attempt to show the hero that cooking really can be fun

14. Cut to plenty of shots of Antoni smouldering, smiizing and flexing those guns

15. Before he then serves up a dish that is essentially guacamole on toast, but his puppy dog eyes make us believe it’s the most groundbreaking meal ever

16. It’s then Karamo’s turn to dish out some words of wisdom

17. He’ll say something so simple, but it makes us all think about doing life a little differently

18. Then comes an emotional admission from our hero, and with it, tears

19. But Karamo is there with a big, strong shoulder to cry on and some encouraging words, and the hero leaves the session feeling like a whole new person

20. Enter Jonathan, and it’s his turn to get his hands on the hero

21. It’s all very high energy and the hero is not quite sure what the hell is going on

22. Then comes the dramatic hair cut...

23. But after JVN has worked his magic, they’ve somehow turned into a whole new person, and suddenly we’re looking at them in a whole new light

24. Meanwhile, poor old Bobby has been casually renovating not just a person, but a WHOLE HOUSE

25. And despite doing more work than the other four put together, he’s not about to make a play for the limelight

26. But our minds are blown by how he’s managed to completely transform the hero’s home in just two days

27. As the hero and their family look around their unrecognisable home, they can’t quite take it all in

28. Cue the tears...

29. Lots of tears

30. And you realise what the Fab Five have done is really going to make a difference

31. It’s then time for the boys to leave, and there’s some emotional goodbyes

32. A couple of weeks later, the lads excitedly gather to watch footage of how the hero has been getting on

33. And their hearts swell when it’s revealed they’ve kept things up

34. The Fab Five celebrate another success with a little tipple

35. Before it’s time to do it all over again

Queer Eye season 3 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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