27/04/2018 15:59 BST

World's Fastest Charger For Electric Cars Provides 120-Miles In Eight Minutes

No more waiting around at the service station 👌

Swiss company ABB has unveiled what it’s calling the world’s fastest charger for electric cars.

The Terra High Power charger can add 200km of range to a car in just eight minutes, finally overcoming one of the biggest headaches that face most electric car owners.


While electric cars are being heralded as the future of transportation, they do have one major setback which is that they can take a very long time to charge.

Most standard cars can be filled up with fuel in a matter of minutes, electric car owners however can be stuck waiting between 15-45mins to charge up their vehicles during long journeys.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a Tesla, the company’s Supercharger network still takes at least 20mins to give you anything close to a decent amount of range. For almost all electric cars a full-charge will also mean leaving it plugged in overnight.

This is where ABB steps in. Its new charger could solve this problem by charging cars in a matter of minutes and finally bring electric cars alongside petrol and diesel vehicles in terms of convenience.

Of course as with anything that sounds too good to be true, there’s a catch, but it’s not as severe as you might expect.

ABB’s technology is already built, it works. All we need to do now is wait for cars to support this level of fast-charging, something that will be increasingly likely as major manufacturers like BMW, Audio and Volkswagen all move over to electrified vehicles.