People Share The Worst Gifts They Ever Received

'100 tiny plastic bags, of the sort I have only previously seen used to hold class A drugs.'

Reddit users have shared the worst gifts they’ve ever received - and we don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

From hotel shampoo sets to out-of-date cheese, let this be a lesson to you all in how not to give gifts.

DeanDrobot via Getty Images

1. A Scratch Card

2. A Phone Book

3. Half-Used Hotel Toiletries

4. Half A Bag Of Dried Apples

5. A Wooden Ruler

6. Pebbles From The Garden

7. A Torch Saying ‘#1 Grandpa’

8. An Inappropriately-Timed Unicycle

9. A Dick Pic

10. Leg Warmers

11. A Personalised Plastic Bag

12. 100 Tiny Plastic Pouches

13. A Book About Relationships

14. Printed Out Car Adverts In A Gift Bag

15. Out Of Date Cheese

16. A Single Car Windshield Wiper

17. An Assortment Of Maid Outfits

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