7 Christmas Party Stories That Will Make Your Toes Curl

Some of them are absolutely woeful.

No Christmas party is complete without a mortifying story emerging the next day. And afterwards, there’ll always be that one colleague who you’ll never be able to look at in the same way again.

With Christmas party season in full swing, Mumsnet users have taken to sharing their own, often horrifying, Christmas party stories.

From regrettable office romps to airing genitals in public, here are some of them...

g-stockstudio via Getty Images

1. The ‘Pet Elephant’ Incident

“Last year was a relatively quiet affair but the year before someone got sacked the next day. He was totally wasted and tried to pay for a round of drinks using ‘his pet elephant’ which involved turning his pockets out for the ears, and unzipping his flies as a trunk.

“Seeing him pushing pound coins across the bar with his flaccid penis was a sight I’ll never forget.”

- DollyPlastic

2. My Desk Or Yours?

“Crashed someone else’s party, pulled and was having sex on the CEO’s desk when the door burst open. There was CEO plus literally 5 other people. I could see him over my partner’s shoulder. CEO was furious and noisy with it.

“My partner insisted he shut the door, saying he wasn’t going to move until we had some privacy. We flung our clothes on, grinned at each other, and made our exit. Luckily neither of us worked there.”

- Prawnofthepatriarchy

3. An Adultery-Fuelled Brawl

“After an incident a few years ago the company my friend works for no longer holds Christmas parties. It’s a small chain of 3 shops and the owner was having an affair with one of the shop managers.

“At the Christmas party her husband saw him putting his hand up her skirt and a fight started. One of the men got a black eye and one got his thumb badly bitten. One couple divorced, one is still together but the affair is still going on. Apparently they use the offices at the workplace for it.”


4. Peeing On The Dancefloor

“One year at ours the relatively new lady was well behaved at first, as the night went on she started to get drunk she was flirting with all the men and trying to dance really up close to them even the married top boss that was over from America.

“The night wore on some more, she ended up falling over on the dance floor and wetting herself.”

- Sparlklesilverglitter

5. The Forgotten Vomit

“When I worked for a publisher we threw a very boozy party in our offices for all our most senior and eminent contributors. That was Friday. It wasn’t until a week later that we discovered someone had filled a filing cabinet with puke.”

- Prawnofthepatriarchy

6. Dangerous Liaisons

“A couple were getting frisky and fell through a glass skylight, she broke her leg.”

- Vinorosso74

7. A 4am Joy Ride

“Went to a posh golfing hotel for team activities in the day and a huge party at night. Me and a colleague stole a golf buggy and crashed it absolutely pissed at 4am. I don’t even know how we got it to move, I’m sure we didn’t have the key!”

- xTinkerBella