Would You Wear This Bizarre Mask Just So You Can Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

We're not convinced.

In a bid to stop interacting with our smartphones right before bed (setting alarms, checking Whatsapp, one last scroll of Twitter) we are willing to try all manner of alternative sleep gadgets.

But we think we might have to draw the line after discovering a full electronic face mask that users are required to wear all night while they sleep.


The Dreamlight is effectively one of those sleep masks you see on aeroplanes, but with a lot more hardware built into it, supposedly to help you get “the best sleep you could possibly have”, according to the creators.

Shown at CES in Las Vegas, the futuristic sounding device is primarily focused on a system using light technology, which makes it bulkier and heavily padded, but that might not be so bad.

The band has a panel of sleep-inducing orange lights and wake-inducing green lights on the inside, that your eyes can detect despite being closed. You cannot set an alarm.

Although this sounds like it would be really annoying, the makers say it is based around “proven relaxation techniques” which moves in sync with your breathing and will make your rest “better and healthier” when worn.

It also has an optical heart rate monitor, infrared sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and four speakers embedded in the sides.


And because it is 2018, of course the sleep mask is synced with your smartphone where you can track how well you have slept, how long you were in REM deep sleep and check in with your personalised sleep schedule, that you can tailor.

The company suggest that you wear it if you are having trouble sleeping, or experiencing jet lag (of which they claim it lessens the effects). And a Verge investigation found that it might be able to improve sleep quality by around 20% in a single use.

One hangup is that it is secured with velcro, which feels like it might just get caught on hair and/or pillow, or just come undone, leaving you with the device wrapped around your throat.


Also you will need to charge it, so don’t forget to plug it in during the day, rather than waiting till you’re getting into bed and having to stay up for another hour.

The product is currently part of an IndieGoGo campaign, and is due to arrive on the market in less than 12 hours, although the app is currently only available on Android.


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