Wrangler Advert Tells Women They're 'More Than A Bum'

Oh, good.

In what is potentially one of the most cringe-worthy ads of 2016, Wrangler offers women the sage and much-needed advice that they’re “more than a bum”.

All while including lots of shots of women’s bums looking great in Wrangler jeans, of course.

“You should be judged on your talent, your skills, and what you’re bringing to the table”, one woman says before the film switches to a slow-mo close-up of a woman’s bum as she walks down the street.


The campaign’s short film also includes lots of women saying the word bum, which is then turned into some sort of horrible song.

But we haven’t even got to the worst part.

In a flagrantly sexist move, the denim brand are also encouraging women to share why they’re #morethanabum on social media.



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