'X Factor': Beck Martin's 'Friday Night' Audition Was The Oddest 10 Minutes In The Show's History

Fillet-o-fish, dry ice and one hell of a 'Friday Night'.

We’d already been teased with ‘X Factor’ hopeful Beck Martin’s audition in the lead-up to the new series, but it turns out his full audition just might be the most bizarre 10 minutes in the show’s history.

Before he’s even sung a note, we see Nicole Scherzinger losing it over a dry ice machine, Simon Cowell dropping the bombshell that he loves a McDonald’s fish burger (which Nicole is quick to point out is called a fillet-o-fish) and a query about what the song ‘Friday Night’ could be about.

It turns out, it’s about Friday night. Funny, that.

<strong> Beck Martin... apparently doing a star-jump?</strong>
Beck Martin... apparently doing a star-jump?

And then… Beck’s original dance track starts.

We don’t wish to dash someone’s dreams, but David Guetta and Calvin Harris probably don’t have anything to worry about in the production stakes.

That said, it doesn’t stop the judges getting in on the action, with Nicole getting up on the desk and even Simon unable to resist the draw of the song, which contains lyrics as varied as “I wanna drink… all night”, “I wanna party… all night” and “it’s Friday night”.

By the time the song reaches its climax, even the crew are partying in the wings, at the end of what Simon describes as the “wackiest” day of ‘X Factor’ auditions he’s seen in 12 years.

<strong>Seriously - what is going on?</strong>
Seriously - what is going on?

While Beck’s vocals might not be the most polished, he does manage to snag himself a spot at Bootcamp, triumphantly walking off into the night with a cry of, you guessed it, “Friday night!”

‘X Factor’ continues on Sunday (11 September) night on ITV.

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