20/10/2016 15:52 BST | Updated 17/02/2017 15:46 GMT

‘X Factor’: Busted’s James Bourne Admits He ‘Wouldn’t Get Through The First Round’

'There are legendary artists who wouldn't get past the first round.'

Busted may already have many successes under their belt - and be in the process of launching a comeback - but one third of the trio James Bourne has now made a surprising admission.

The music business has changed over the years, and when quizzed on talent shows such as ‘X Factor’, the musician admitted that he wouldn’t go far in the competition.

Anthony Harvey via Getty Images
Busted are currently promoting their upcoming album 'Night Driver'

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK Entertainment’s Ashley Percival during an AOL Build interview, he said: “The only way that I could have ever done anything in the music business is like this [by forming a band].

“I think if I auditioned on ‘X Factor’, I wouldn’t get through the first round.

“I feel like I would go and stand on the x thing, and they would laugh in my face and send me out of the room.

“There are loads of kids in this country like that, who wouldn’t get through the first round,” he concluded. “Who could have a big career in the music business if they went down a different road.

“I think there are legendary artists that wouldn’t get past the first round of ‘X Factor’.”

Busted’s reunion began back in May, when James, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis performed on stage together for the first time in 12 years.

Their third studio album is set for release on 11 November, and they’ll head off on tour in January.

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