‘X Factor’ Judges Left Horrified After Caller Reveals A Little Too Much During ‘Xtra Factor’ Live Show


The ‘X Factor’ judges got a little bit more than they bargained for during Sunday night’s ‘Xtra Factor’ live show.

Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh were taking questions from callers when one viewer called James appeared via Skype, lying across a kitchen work top, dressed in a silky night robe, sipping champagne.

As you do.

<strong>This was never going to end well.</strong>
This was never going to end well.

To be honest, he was giving us Sunday night goals before things took a turn for the X-rated.

Host Rylan Clark-Neal asked him: “James, I’ve got to ask - are you a bit nippy?”.

“I’m OK, they’ve just put the heating on,” he replied, as he took a sip of bubbly.

Nicole was also a little concerned about viewers possibly seeing a bit too much, saying: “James there is a little bit of a tuckage situation going on.”

<strong>That face says it all.</strong>
That face says it all.

Cue gasps from a horrified judging panel as James, errrm, rearranged himself.

Things got even more revealing off camera because moments later, the audience could be heard screaming as Rylan and Matt Edmondson attempted to move on.

“Get him off,” a seriously worried looking Simon could be heard saying.

Thankfully, our eyes were spared.

Watch James get a little carried away in the clip above.

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