Year in Monzo Is Giving People The Financial Reality Check Nobody Asked For

We feel seen.

First Spotify embarrassed us by revealing we spent 90% of 2018 listening to Ariana Grande. Now Monzo has decided to join in the public shaming by telling us where we spent all our money last year.

Anyone who uses the bank can now see their ‘Year In Monzo’, a round-up feature which will show, in no uncertain terms, how often you used your card and how many times you sent other people money.

And, of course the restaurants, pubs and shops that hurt your wallet the hardest – turns out we need to stop eating at Pret so much. At least we can take solace in the fact we aren’t the only ones.

Other people just realised the truth about TfL.

And decided to make some new year’s resolutions.

If you want to check your own ‘Year In Monzo’ then you should have instructions sent to you in an email.

We’re going back to paying in cash in 2019.

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