14 Things You Only Know As A Parent Of Child In Year Six

Save us from the SATs.

Kids grow up so quickly, you blink and your baby is in Year Six already. Now it’s all SATs exams and scouting out secondary schools, it really is an emotional time (mostly for parents, not kids of course).

These are 14 things you only know when you have a child in Year Six.

It seems like only last week you were leaving them in the playground on their first day of school.

Now your whole life revolves arounds SATs exams.

And waiting to find out which school they’ll be moving to.

You’re constantly worrying about how they’ll do.

Secretly trying to find out how well their classmates are doing.

Are the kids as stressed as their parents?

Obviously not.

They’re just excited about going to big school.

But all you can picture is your baby surrounded by teenagers.

What if they get bullied?

Or make terrible decisions.

You’re so not ready for this.

At least you won’t need to do the school run for much longer.

But you can rest easy in the knowledge they’ll come back to you eventually (when they need something).

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