Yes Really – BBC Gladiators Has Apparently Revived This Fetish

It's not much of a stretch to figure out why.
BBC Gladiators with hosts Bradley and Barney Walsh
BBC Gladiators with hosts Bradley and Barney Walsh

Earlier this month, 90s favourite tv show Gladiators returned to our screens, hosted by father and son duo Bradley and Barney Walsh.

With 16 competitors battling it out every Saturday on BBC One at 5.50pm, it’s just like the good old days with the original fighters and could be just what we need to get Saturday night TV back on track.

However, according to one sexpert, this won’t just bring back memories of watching it 25 years ago but also, for some people, it could spell a resurgence of lycra fetishes.

How Gladiators will turn the nation onto lycra again

While the show is a little more polished than the one we all grew up watching, one thing that hasn’t changed is the fantastically tacky, bright lycra costumes that the competitors don throughout the series.

Jessica Leoni of said: “While many will be tuning in to watch Gladiators for sheer entertainment, we can expect others to be fascinated for another reason entirely.”

“Countless studies show that TV shows can have a huge impact on our sexual attitudes, so Gladiators’ return will no doubt spark a fancy dress fetish revival.”

Of course, this makes sense. Think back to Baywatch days or even the crushes that Jet from the original Gladiators TV show formed way back when.

Forum users on the Illicit Encounters site agree that Gladiator outfits are a ‘classic kink’ with some divulging that they enjoy role-playing in costumes like the Gladiator ones.

Well, it is quite timely given that just last summer, it was revealed that almost a third of Brits (32%) would love to try role-play in the bedroom.

Well, we will be tuning in regardless.