Yes Really – Men Can Apparently Experience Six Different Types Of Orgasm

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In today’s edition of ‘yup we really do know nothing about our bodies’, it turns out that if you have a penis, you could actually be able to experience up to six, WE REPEAT, SIX, different types of orgasm.

Just when you thought a standard ejaculation based orgasm was your one and only, think again penis-having people.

And according to Hims, there could even be more than the six we know about.

Ready to learn? Luckily the pros at Lovehoney have shared everything you need to know.

Ejaculatory orgasm

Right, this one you should know about – it’s the general type of orgasm that most people with a penis will experience when they have sex. During an ejaculatory orgasm, your pelvic or penile muscles contract to release semen.

Blended orgasm

So, as there are many types of orgasm that you can experience, a blended orgasm means that you experience more than one type at once while different areas of your body are being stimulated simultaneously.

Think having your prostate stimulated during penis place – you can thank blended orgasms for why it can feel so good.

Pelvic orgasm

Pelvic orgasms can be reached by getting to grip with edging. If you edge effectively, the orgasm, when it comes, is way more intense. After repeating getting very close to orgasm several times, when you do, it’ll be a far more explosive affair.

Prostate orgasm

Hello P-spot. This small walnut-sized gland that is accessed through the anus and stimulating it can seriously up your sexual enjoyment. It’s located inside the body at the base of the bladder and a lubed finger or toy can pleasure it. The ultra-sensitive spot can cause you to orgasm – you don’t even need to stimulate the penis itself.

Dry orgasm

Look – it’s not all about ejaculation. It is in fact possible to orgasm without semen, in a phenomenon known as a dry orgasm.

Sometimes the semen travels backwards into the bladder instead of coming out of the penis – this is also known as retrograde ejaculation. As a result, some people notice their urine is cloudy after a dry orgasm.

Multiple orgasms

Because what’s better than one orgasm? SEVERAL ORGASMS.

There are two types of multiple orgasms that people with penises can enjoy – but it’s worth remembering that not everyone can achieve this and that that’s totally normal.

Sporadic multiorgasms occur within minutes of each other – there’s a little break between each one.

However, condensed multiorgasms, are bursts of two to four orgasms that happen within seconds of each other – and just keep on cumming, sorry, coming.

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