01/08/2017 12:10 BST | Updated 01/08/2017 16:14 BST

Yorkshire Day: 6 Ways To Channel Those Yorkshire Vibes Into Your Day

2) You can never talk about Yorkshire too much.

As many smug people are proudly reminding everyone, we can’t all be lucky enough to come from Yorkshire.

That sense of northern pride is well and truly overflowing among Yorkshire Twitter today as its residents celebrate Yorkshire Day.

So for those not from the region but desperate to join in with the day’s festivities, here are some tips on how to imitate those unmistakably Yorkshire vibes today.

1. Act like the locals by getting your grump on

2. Talk about Yorkshire. A lot

3. Lap up all the praise the region is getting

4. Flaunt every connection you’ve ever had to the place

5. Tell some bad accent-related jokes

6. React to London prices in an even more exaggerated way than usual