'Young Han Solo' Audition Tapes Leaked By Conan O'Brien

We're not sure any of these will actually get the part...

Conan O’Brien is bringing his cult-favourite late night talk show to us from San Diego Comic Con this week, and movie mayhem has ensued in every episode.

Keeping true to the convention’s love of all things geeky, Conan managed to “unearth” a few audition tapes for the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ franchise origin story epic surrounding the early life of Han Solo.

The hilarious videos show some unlikely contenders for the role doing their best to emulate Harrison Ford, including Jeff Goldblum, 50 Cent, Melissa McCarthy and “Jodie F*cking Foster”.

Seeing these tapes, it’s no wonder the role went to Alden Ehrenreich.

The film won’t be released until 2018, but luckily ‘Star Wars’ fans will be getting another fix ahead of this spin-off, when ‘Rogue One’ arrives in cinemas later this year.