20/05/2016 15:48 BST

How Much Are Young People Paid? Statistics Reveal Lower Average Pay For Younger Workers

How does your pay compare?

Hinterhaus Productions via Getty Images

Young people earned some £6,700 less than the national average last year, while women were paid marginally more than men, government statistics reveal.

Employees aged 22 to 29-years-old had an average gross annual pay of £20,900 in 2015.

This compared with an average salary in the UK for all workers of £27,600, according to data from The Office for National Statistics.


Workers aged 18 to 21-years-old had an average salary of just £10,200.

The low figure for these workers can be explained in part by them being based on hourly earnings excluding overtime.

Full-time female employees aged 22-29 were paid slightly more than male employees last year, the statistics show.


Though the figures show that men earn more than women among all employees aged above 29-years-old.

View the full slideshow of statistics from the ONS, below.