Billie Ahouzan is one of the care workers and cleaners at Sage Nursing Home in north London who have gone on strike. Along with his colleagues, he says they were left with no option after attempting to negotiate over issues of low pay, sick pay and union recognition. Ahouzan, who has worked at the home for 12 years, describes his love for the residents and the challenges he faced during the pandemic.
A recent survey by Unison showed that almost 70% of people think all NHS employees should be awarded a pay rise in 2020.
Ms. Monopoly hits the shelves this month, trading its classic properties for female inventions like Wi-Fi and solar heating.
Ari's buying diamonds, we're mourning our social lives.
A new report from the Office for National Statistics has valued the unpaid work performed in UK households at £1.24 trillion. Tasks measured include childcare, cleaning and driving.
Move by Nicola Sturgeon puts pressure on Theresa May to follow suit.
The TUC found the gulf has increased by more than half in 20 years.
Image: Pixabay Convince them you're worth it While it feels hard to do, it's usually best to meet your manager face-to-face