MPs' Salaries Will Top £84,000 A Year After They Were Awarded A Pay Rise

The 2.7 per cent increase means their pay will go up by more than £2,000 a year from April 1.
MPs in the House of Commons.
MPs in the House of Commons.
House of Commons - PA Images via Getty Images

MPs’ salaries will reach £84,000 for the first time after they were awarded a pay increase by parliament’s spending watchdog.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority said the 2.7 per cent rise, which kicks in from April 1, is in line with average increase in pay for public sector employees last year.

It is MPs’ first pay rise in two years and takes their salaries from £81,932 to £84,144.

IPSA chair Richard Lloyd said the pay rise was fair and reflected the “dramatic” increase in MPs’ workload caused by the Covid pandemic.

He said: “MPs play a vital role in our democracy and this is reflected in their pay.

“It is right that MPs are paid fairly for the responsibility and the unseen work they do helping their constituents, which dramatically increased last year.

“For Parliament to reflect society, it is vital that people from all walks of life can be an MP.”

The rise will kick in just as voters see their national insurance contributions, as well as their council tax and energy bills, increase.

It also comes against a backdrop of rising inflation and interest rates, with the war in Ukraine also expected to add to the cost of living crisis.


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