"Half of Parliament seems to have become a delinquent kindergarten!"
Tory MPs such as Iain Duncan Smith and Geoffrey Cox are in hot water after taking lucrative second jobs.
Prime minister refuses to follow Labour in saying MPs should not take inflation-busting £3,300 pay rise amid Covid.
MPs will receive a 2.8% pay rise next month, taking their basic salary to £79,468. This follows an increase of 1.8% in 2018. We asked people in Halifax if they thought MPs deserve the wage boost.
Fresh to the job market and interested in politics, working for an MP looks like the dream career. Young, eager, and dying for a job gives you little bargaining power. The pay is dire, the conditions worse.
Benefits reform, homelessness and crime among the major concerns across city.
This weekend there are events around the country to mark what would have been her 44th birthday.
Survey reveals six in ten would be worried about public backlash.
MPs took to Twitter to debate whether or not Ramaphosa was justified in telling John Steenhuisen to "shut up" in Parliament.
We've heard plenty about Brexit from from the people of the U.K. – now, what do those in power make of their concerns? Read more:
Exclusive: HuffPost UK spoke to 40 female MPs about what needs to change.
Cabinet Office minister Damian Green has been criticised after appearing to get two Asian MPs confused in the House of Commons
MPs sleeping on the job is sadly not a new thing, with many tweeps saying that our MPs get paid to snooze.
The only expectation the Sikh community have of the newly elected MPs, in terms of matters pertaining to the Panth, is the expectation of gaining an honest and upfront answer from the UK government on the Panthic objective; which for the Sikhs remains complete autonomy and independence from the Indian State.
It’s been a long, gruelling election campaign full of unexpected twists.   MPs have spent several weeks out on the doorstep
Millions of us are heading to the polls today to decide the future of our country - and to choose our MP. For all its flaws, this is a huge exercise in democracy, and one we can all be proud of. Too often we take for granted the power to change government peacefully and democratically. But it is a hard won right and one which too many people continue to have to fight for.