Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' Is Reminding People How Long It Is Until Pay Day

Ari's buying diamonds, we're mourning our social lives.

We love Ariana Grande, but her latest track ‘7 Rings’ could not have come at a worse time. The song is all about splashing the cash on your favourite things. You know, standard clobber like diamonds and Louboutin heels. Nothing fancy.

But meanwhile, a lot of us are counting down the days until January pay day after getting paid painfully early in December (and engaging in zero longterm planning).

If, like us, you are staring into the abyss that is January, wondering if payday will ever arrive, you are not alone.

A lot of people feel like January will never end

Some have lost all concept of time

People are starting to wonder if pay day even exists

They’re getting impatient


And ever so slightly delirious

To put it lightly, things are getting dramatic

But remember, at least you’re not Theresa May