31/01/2017 18:14 GMT

Stunning YouTube Video Shows Weather Balloon Soaring Into The Stratosphere


This incredible YouTube video follows the journey of a weather balloon as it soars to the borders of space.

Over three hours, the camera climbs to a staggering 35,000 metres, propelled only by helium.

Astrophotographer Julian Weßel uploaded an edited version of the video last autumn, but today (31 Jan) is the first time you can watch it from start to finish.

Announcing the project early last year, Weßel said: “Since I was a small child I wanted to be an astronaut, observing our beautiful planet from above and reaching for the stars in outer space.”

You can read more about how he built the structure, which includes a weather balloon, camera, GPS tracker and parachute, on his website

Give the clip a watch – you won’t regret it.