Zac Goldsmith Makes Last-Ditch Bid For London Mayor By Delivering Milk

He's trying to prove he's the cream of the crop.

This morning, Zac Goldsmith tried to prove to ordinary Londoners that he could deliver on his manifesto promises by delivering people's milk.

The Tory Mayoral-hopeful was filmed wandering the affluent streets of Holland Park gifting pints of milk to residents.

But the photo-op was mocked by those who thought millionaire Goldsmith looked a bit out of place from his usual day's work.

Some speculated Goldsmith may have been briefed on the price of a milk before doing his walkabout, after it was revealed last month that the Tory MP was happy to pay £2.65 for a pint of it.

Others were more concerned with the 'smart-casual' look he seemed to have adopted.

While the BBC journalist who followed him on this morning's walkout reported Goldsmith managed to forget to collect the empty pint bottles left out by thirsty residents.

And his attempt to reignite the 'politicians posing with fish' look failed to win many plaudits either.

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