Zara Has Replaced Mannequins With Augmented Reality To Try To Change The Way We Shop

Is this the end of the mannequin?

Shop mannequins are intended to help you imagine how you’d put together an outfit, but often the results are more unsettling than inspiring. So Zara has decided to shake up the display game, by launching a new in store experience.

For one week, there will be no lifeless mannequins at 120 branches worldwide as the high street staple encourages shoppers to get their phones out and use their new app, to see the clothes modelled in augmented reality.

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The pedestals that were previously home to mannequins, will stand bare for this week and new wifi spots have been installed across the store so you can connect your phone and scan where the mannequins used to be to see a holographic replacement pop up instead.

Zara is testing out this experiment as they want to see if their customers enjoy the ability to see how clothes would fit on a moving body.

The AR models have been based on models Léa Julian and Fran Summers who were photographed by 68 cameras when dancing around and talking to each other.

Most important question: can you take a selfie with them? Yes.

Watch the video below to see the model in action.

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If you prefer online shopping from home Zara has launched a mini version for home users where when your order arrives, when the box is scanned, models Lea and Fran will be seen dancing around your latest treat to yourself.

With Zara dipping their toes into AR, what would be interesting is the possibility of what Zara could do with this when their use of technology is not just a novelty for a few days.

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