Lush's Dream Cream And Eczema: Skin Experts Share Their Views

'It won’t be the miracle cure for everyone, but if it helps one other person out then it’s worth sharing.'

Lush’s Dream Cream has seen a surge in sales following reports it is good for eczema.

Sarah Rudd, 36, had tried countless creams and medications including steroid cream hydrocortisone on her five-month old baby son and nothing would stop him scratching. But then she tried Dream Cream and his eczema cleared up within a few days and hasn’t come back. She now pops some on him most mornings as a precautionary measure.

“I know it won’t be the miracle cure for everyone, but if it helps one other tired mum out then it’s worth sharing,” she told HuffPost UK.

A British Skin Foundation spokesperson told HuffPost UK they were unable to comment on specific brands, but they agreed with Rudd that when it comes to eczema unfortunately there is no “miracle cure” that will work for everyone.

“It’s often a case of trial and error as to which treatment works best for an individual - just because something works well for one person doesn’t mean this will necessarily be the case for everyone,” they said.

“When treating any skin condition, including eczema, it’s always best to seek professional medical help. A consultant dermatologist will be able to advise the best course of action for an individual. The best starting point is your GP who will be able to refer to a dermatologist if needed.”

Andrew Proctor, chief executive of the National Eczema Society charity concurred that eczema sufferers and parents of babies with eczema should consult advice from their GP or a pharmacist as it is a”highly individual condition”.

“This story shows just how hard it can be for babies with eczema, and their parents who only want the best for their children,” he said. “It’s especially difficult for babies and toddlers who don’t understand what’s happening to them and often want to scratch themselves all the time to relieve their itchy skin.

“People with eczema have dry skin, which is why using a moisturising cream regularly is really important. It helps to soothe and protect the skin, and reduce the inflammation that can be so uncomfortable and itchy. Moisturisers contain a range of ingredients and different products often work better for different people. Sometimes people need to try a few products before they find one that works well for them.”

Dream Cream contains soothing ingredients including oat milk, chamomile and cocoa butter. Lush co-founder and managing director Mark Constantine, told HuffPost UK that the eczema soothing benefits of Dream Cream are a bonus.

“For me it’s what the whole business is about, to deliver effective product that does a little more than it says on the pot,” he said.

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Others have also taken to social media to share how Dream Cream has helped their eczema.

Tillman81 wrote on Instagram: “I love this stuff it calms down my eczema when it flares up the only thing that works.” And jemmphil added: “It was the only thing that worked for my first baby and now she doesn’t need anything and I use it on my 11-month-old” every day.

But there is also proof it doesn’t work for everyone. Ionapixix wrote on Instagram: “I had tried it a few years ago but found it made my acne worse. I think my skin doesn’t like a lot of things.”

Dream Cream is priced at £6.95 for 100g, £13.95 for 240g and £22.95 for 450g and is also available in self-preserving form.

For more information on the condition visit the National Eczema Society website.


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