Lush's 'Sleepy' Lotion Is Getting Rave Reviews From People Who Have Trouble Sleeping

Catchin' some zzzzz 😴 #sleepy

Lush’s ‘Sleepy’ body lotion has been given glowing reviews from troubled sleepers.

Originally launched last year as a limited-edition holiday exclusive, the purple body lotion has once again reached shelves in stores across the UK, and the Internet loves the stuff.

With ingredients such as lavender oil and oatmeal infusion, the cruelty-free product is helping people drift off just that little bit easier.

And according to an NHS guide on ‘Practical Steps To Beat Insomnia’, lavender oil is good for applying to your pillow or putting in your bath before bedtime, which might just explain why it’s helping some people drift off to the land of nod.

And people on social media think it has helped them to get a better night’s sleep:

Some people have been so grateful for a good night’s sleep after applying the product they’re left glowing reviews on Lush’s website:

“This body lotion before bed just lulls me into a slumber and makes me feel so relaxed - a personal favourite,” one person wrote.

“I sleep so much better with this body lotion. It’s so moisturising and has an amazing smell. Definitely my new favourite,” another posted.

Priced at £13.95, the body lotion is available to buy online.


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