Azealia Banks Sends Zayn Malik Racist And Homophobic Abuse After Accusing Him Of Copying 'Like I Would' Music Video

And hours later, she'sgoing...

In “that escalated quickly” news, Azealia Banks has sent a barrage of racist and homophobic tweets to Zayn Malik, after suggesting that he’d copied one of her music videos.

Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we?

On Tuesday (10 November), Zayn unveiled the music video for his track, ‘Like I Would’, which sees him cavorting in coloured contacts in a light-up body-suit while surrounded by lasers in a ‘Tron’-esque setting.

Azealia was quick to point out that the video was reminiscent of the accompanying clip to her song, ‘Chasing Time’, commenting on Instagram: “Damn Zayn be mood boarding the fuck out of me.”

Damn Zayn be mood boarding the fuck of out me 😳.. I'm not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie

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Zayn appeared to respond to the criticism shortly afterwards on Twitter, accusing Azealia of “reaching” in a couple of cryptic posts:

Azealia Banks then did what Azealia Banks does best, and hit back with a deluge of furious tweets in his direction, filled with racial slurs and disparaging comments about Zayn’s heritage.

And when we say deluge, we mean an actual one-after-the-other-when-will-it-stop-this-has-been-going-on-for-hours-at-least-take-a-15-minute-eye-break-Azealia deluge.

Warning: extremely offensive language, below, including racially insensitive slurs:

Zayn didn’t initially respond to the seemingly-unending string of tweets, but Azealia did allege in the ensuing hours that the former 1D singer had “given her cell phone number to his fans”, remarking:

We aren’t exaggerating when we say that this doesn’t appear to have stopped all night (she’s since been posting disparaging tweets about the UK grime scene, Disney Channel star Skai Jackson and British singer MNEK, who claims he rejected her offer to work with her on music), but Zayn has since broken his silence:

Oh. Dear.

In the past, stars like Lily Allen, Rita Ora and even, bizarrely, ‘EastEnders’ actress Alison Newman have all been on the receiving end of angry tweets from Azealia, but arguably her most memorable Twitter feud was with Perez Hilton, who she famously used homophobic slurs towards.

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