Zippy From ‘Rainbow’ Talks Theresa May, Piers Morgan, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ And... Twangers

HuffPost UK readers put their questions to the 'Rainbow' star.

In times of political turmoil and uncertainty over the future, what the world really needs is to hear from the most prestigious cultural voices our great country has to offer.

Which is why we decided to catch up with Zippy from ‘Rainbow’, discussing a range of issues put to him by HuffPost UK readers and staff, from Theresa May’s ill-fated speech at the Conservative Party Conference to the ongoing debate about the absence of same-sex couples on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

While we had him, we also quizzed Zippy about some of the questions that have been puzzling us for years, like how has he gone the last 40 years without aging? Why does Bungle wear pyjamas to bed when he spends all day in the nude? And, perhaps most crucially of all, what is a twanger?

Check out the video above for all of Zippy’s answers.

Zippy can be seen along with the other ‘Rainbow’ characters in a new ad for Pizza Hut Delivery.

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