14/03/2016 15:43 GMT

Zoella Earns More Money In A Month Than Most People Do In a Year

Say what?!

With 10 million YouTube subscribers and a £1 million pad to herself, we had an inkling Zoella was doing alright for herself. But we didn't realise she earned this much.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Brighton-based vlogger earns a whopping £50,000 a month.

Yep, that's more than most people make in a whole year.

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How did the magazine work out her salary? Well, the Sunday Times revealed that Zoella earned a profit of almost £400,000 in the space of eight months (between March-October 2014).

Most of that sum was thanks to some lucrative advertising deals, but doesn't take into account Zoella's more recent ventures - including novel writing - so now she must be earning even more.

Her first book 'Girl Online' was published in November 2014 and sold 78,000 copies in its first week, making her the fastest-selling debut author in history.

Now remind us why we aren't vlogging superstars again?


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