23/03/2017 14:49 GMT | Updated 24/03/2017 14:06 GMT

The 16 Stages Of Being Zombied

Ghosting just got upgraded.

Because we can’t be trusted with nice things, the world of dating apps has brought with it a whole host of terminology to describe all the terrible ways we treat the strangers we meet in our online quest for love.

The latest addition to our modern vernacular is ‘zombieing’ – similar to ghosting, when people drop all lines of communication - but zombies are different in that they return from the dead several months later (just as you’ve gotten over them).

And if you’re still not sure what we mean, here are 16 things that might sound familiar if you’ve been zombied.

1. Going on a date that doesn’t actually make you want to run away and live in the woods. 

2. Continuing to text each other and still not feeling any irrational hatred for them. 

3. Agreeing that a second date would probably be a good idea. 

4. Feeling like they actually care about getting to know your personality. 

5. Noticing that the lines of communication have gone a little quiet. 

6. Guessing that they just ran out of credit this month...

7. Giving them the benefit of the doubt for three months.

8. Secretly knowing they’ve just ditched you and moved on to someone else. 

9. Getting over it and getting back out there like the strong independent person you are. 

10. Moving on to trying new things. 

11. Vowing to not getting tied up with emotional attachment again. 

12. Receiving a message from the sneaky little bastard six months later.

13. Feeling validated that they actually didn’t hate you.

14. Knowing the grim reality is that they just got bored of someone else.

15. Wanting to ask so many questions about where they’ve been.

16. Wishing they’d just leave you alone.