17/09/2015 08:25 BST | Updated 15/09/2016 06:12 BST

Achieve a Massive, Life Changing Goal, in Three Easy Steps

Are you someone with a massive goal?

Ambitious for yourself but not sure where to start?

Something on the bucket list that you really need to get moving?

I can help.

Perhaps you have a massive goal that you have failed to even start. You wonder why if you are a motivated, hardworking, capable person, why would you not get started on this goal?

Answer - Because the goal is so big that it scares you off even starting.

The good news is, there is a way round this. A method that makes all things possible, no matter what their scale. And I am going to share it with you in this blog.

Think of someone who has really inspired you with what they have achieved. Someone who has taken massive action and won, grown, learned, overcome challenges or mastered a skill. How do you think that goal was accomplished?

Did they wake up one day and achieve it all in 24 hours? Of course not.

They broke it down into measurable and manageable aspects. They took action every day toward it. Sometimes they stumbled, sometimes they were off course. Sometimes they ended up somewhere they didn't expect. But they got there. Why? Because they knew what they were heading for, they knew their 'why' and they had a plan.

Strangely, the skill set to identify, plan for and achieve massive goals is missing from mainstream education. Luckily it is something that can be quickly learned and my methods make it fun and easy too.

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of people, from all sorts of backgrounds, achieve a massive goal. They have changed careers, moved continents, set up charities and businesses, and climbed mountains, all using the Life Plan method.

So the secrets...

Know what success looks and feels like, whatever you have in mind, we need to know what life will look like when you get there. We need success criteria, so if you want to climb Everest, we probably want to include getting home safely.

What are the key success criteria that will define your goal?

Know Your Why

If you are going to take a step way outside of your comfort zone, you are going to need a proper incentive. To do so, you need to understand what your motivation is. What is the big 'why' behind the what? Why's' are what we turn to for support when things get tough and they are as unique as you are.

Maybe you want to experience a sense of accomplishment and surprise yourself, maybe you want to look fabulous for particular occasion, and maybe you want to become the go to expert on something.

Sometimes we aren't making progress because the 'why' isn't ours - if your why is to impress the parents or because someone else thought it was a good idea, that may explain why you haven't begun.

Break It Down

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You didn't see Picasso's first drawing or Murray's first tennis game. Any significant achievement takes time and effort and practice. It requires that we begin.

But in order to do so, we need to take the very first step; we need to identify the one thing we can do today to get started. By breaking down a massive goal into measurable smaller goals, we are more able to clearly see what needs to happen this month, next week or today to take us that little bit closer.

So if my massive goal is to become a professional dancer and I currently have two left feet, the first step might be to sign up to a local dance class, once a week. From little acorns do large oaks grow. But you must begin.