The government's emergency bailout scheme with grants worth up to £6,570, explained.
In my 12 years representing the freelance community, I have never seen morale so low, writes Matt Dowling.
Rishi Sunak needs to do more because the self-employed simply cannot rely on benefits to get them through the next few weeks or months, writes Kate Dearden.
Don’t let your politicians undermine the BBC, and don’t let them convince you that you don’t need a public broadcaster, freelance journalist Julia Tena de la Nuez writes.
Learning that my pain is real, but also very much in the brain, has been mind blowing, freelance journalist Rachael Revesz writes.
A Tokyo court ordered television journalist Noriyuki Yamaguchi to pay 3.3 million yen in damages to Shiori Ito, a freelance journalist who has become a well-known face of Japan’s #MeToo movement.
It’s rare to find an LGBT+ representation so accurate, warm and emotional, freelance journalist Sophie Brown writes.
We’re not sure whether we owe the Duchess of Sussex privacy or she owes us exposure, especially when taxpayers’ money is involved, freelance journalist Joanna York writes.
The real issue isn’t when or how a freelancer files their tax return, it’s whether they’ll be able to file one at all.
If hiring self-employed workers is helping big companies mitigate risk, shouldn’t the government be doing more to help rather than hinder the self-employed