04/03/2015 06:22 GMT | Updated 28/04/2015 06:59 BST

The Unhappy Ending

Once upon a time, there was a sweet innocent girl called Shufia. Wait a minute! 'Once upon a time' sounds like a fairy tale with a happy ending. How can I start a blog with this contradiction? However, at every moment of our life we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the harsh real world. Let's keep that beginning unchanged.

Once upon a time, there was a sweet innocent girl called shufia. She had glowing brown skin, big eyes with beautifully long and wavy hair. Shufia lived in a small village with her parents and younger sister. They lived an insolvent but happy life. Her father, the driver of SRR local bus, had to live all the weekdays out of the town for work. However, the weekends were like festivals for shufia's family: having dinner together, good food, talking-laughing and so many happy touches in their simple life.

Things were going pretty smooth until last Wednesday. It was mostly like the other boring Wednesday noon for Shufia. She was walking her way back to school; tired, extremely hungry and just thinking about the lunch she was going to have. Suddenly out of nowhere Salim, the son of a very influential person in her village, came out with a gigantic black man. There was something in his hand; may be a bottle. Shufia felt something very bad is going to happen. So, she started running but it was too late. The man threw the liquid inside the bottle at her face. She felt her whole body was in the sun melting with unbearable pain. She fainted right there.

Flash back:

Salim was in unbearable loathe. Last day he proposed Shufia to get married and she denied. It did not matter to him even though he is an adult of twenty nine and Shufia is still a little girl of sixteen! He was the only son of the richest man in the village so he can have any girl or any woman in his localty he wants. Salim's heart was full of revenge. The next day he went to the town to buy some sulfuric acid with a determination to destroy the beautiful face of shufia as well as her life.

The unhappy ending:

I met Shufia a month ago in a small shelter of an NGO for acid victims. My heart was dropped after listening to her story. After the incident, Shufia's parents abandon her because of the fear and shame. Their apprehension was: who will be going to marry Shufia's sister after this incident. So they left Shufia in an NGO and that poor girl Shufia, who had a sweet dream of becoming a doctor, stopped dreaming. I was very curious about Salim so I did a small investigation and came to know that he moved to India after this incident. As his father had tons of cashes so, the whole incident was tackled by bribe and power.


To encapsulate, I know there is been a strong law against this inhuman crime but still it is not properly implemented in the South-Asian countries. In addition, most of the acid victims are not even considered as human being in the rural communities. I believe that special schools should be established as well as employment opportunities can be enhanced to make their life comparatively easier. We should never forget that they are as precious as we are in this beautiful world and they deserve more care and opportunities from us.