acid attack

He was caught on CCTV sipping from a bottle thought to contain the liquid.
Since 2010, almost 2,000 acid attacks have been reported in London alone. Almost a third of these attacks occurred in the borough of Newham, east London. The majority of these cases have not led to trial, with 74% of cases being shelved due to victims being unable to identify perpetrators.
The reality is these attacks, whether involving gangs or robbery-related, are also happening in areas with high proportions of ethnic minority communities which means that ethnic minority and/or Muslim communities' perceptions of an increased threat to their safety is not misplaced, even though the attribution of the motivation may be.
The Mayor must act now to ensure the safety of London's estimated quarter of a million motorcyclists. The acid attacks on
A 16-year-old boy has been charged by police investigating five linked acid attacks which took place in less than 90 minutes
In January, La Stampa reported Tavares had started harassing Notaro in August when she ended their two-year relationship
"There is a huge stigma for those with burns in Bangladesh," says Giles. "For many they feel their life is over - nobody