10/03/2015 13:43 GMT | Updated 10/05/2015 06:59 BST

The Present System of the BBC Trust Is Out of Date


The present system of the BBC Trust is out of date.

It is wrong to consider that an organisation be run by a trust as well as by a company that it is supposed to manage the business. It would seem perfectly normal to understand that the licence holders are no different than shareholders.

What is really needed with the BBC is a corporate structure on that basis, license holders would be represented on the board giving up two or three seats or whatever would be decided and the board itself would only have a term of eight years.

The BBC should have freedom of expression and total tolerance towards what it does in presenting its opportunities for understanding and educating but the system at the moment is not working.

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Why is it that we always refer back to Lord Reith? It was a different world then; today one is totally global, international and essentially requires a different attitude of management.

Let us hope that a group of people will get together to improve the BBC and take it away from the interference by politicians, obviously politicians would have a right to appoint one or two directors but after that they should leave it to the shareholders.

A proper corporation is one able to manage correctly - without interference. Why is it necessary for the Government to interfere if the structure is correct.

The BBC is to be trusted by millions then why does it need to have a structure which it think it can do better with a Trust overlooking its credibility.