22/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/10/2014 06:59 BST

Why I As a Muslim, Will Not Apologize For Foley's Death


I had been writing my thoughts on ISIS and had planned to have it posted, but the moment I heard about what happened to James Foley, I had decided that it isn't that good of an idea, because no one would be bothered to listen to what I've got to say.

So instead, I'm writing this.

What's happened to him, is beyond bounds of human comprehension. The man who had done what he did to him, is without a doubt, inhuman - and of course, inhumane.

It was barbaric, and it was terroristic.

There's definitely no argument there.

But back to my title, the reason as to why I will not "apologise" for this horrific murder, is simply because I, as a Muslim, have nothing to apologise for.

This group who claims to be speaking for all Muslims, truly isn't. They don't speak for me. And I have given them no right to represent me, I have given no approval, in the actions of what they're doing. None of what they do, is complacent to the rules of Islam, none of what they do, signifies Islam in any way.


Any Tom, Dick and Harry could grow a beard, speak arabic, and claim he was the caliph.

But only an idiot, would buy what he's selling!

And apparently, the world is flooded with those who believe.

As much as I do not go around claiming that the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, or the KKK to be a representative of Christianity, in fact - I don't see them as Christians at all, for what they do. I expect for you, to grant me the very same courtesy, and see right from wrong, and realise that they too, do not represent me, or all of Islam, for that matter.

If you were to just look a little more closely, you would see, that the Boko Haram, the Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden (included), and whatever BS movement the media is publicising, is cut entirely from the very same cloth. And unlike the majority of cloths that are now currently made in China, take a look at the fine print, and you're bound to see Made In USA proudly stamped on it. I do not expect you to believe this, for I too had not previously. But do humankind a favour, and just open your eyes a little bit, if not a lot. What's happening does not make sense. No one with such a brilliant mind (I mean bloody hell, how is the US or Israel not capable of catching these morons? They found Hussein in a hole, how could they possibly not find and kill off the monsters who march down the streets with no absolute fear?), would allow a journalist to tag along in their terroristic duties, and show them what horrors their inflicting on people, while killing another journalist, at the very same time. Am I the only one seeing something wrong here?

To the Foley family, I send you my warmest and greatest of sympathies, for what had happened to your evidently wonderful son. I am sorry that he had left this world through such a vicious way, I wish that He would take away all the pain and sorrow that you all must be feeling. I pray that those who had done this to him, will be brought to justice very soon, and I too hope that you would understand that those monsters are not a representative, of any of us. I wish for their destruction, as much as you do - and perhaps; even more. May peace be with you, and may His blessings be showered upon you, and may He ease your suffering through this horrific time.


Your sister in Humanity.

This post originally appeared on the author's personal blog.