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From North Carolina to Tokyo, San Francisco to Berlin, thousands of people took to the streets to protest George Floyd’s death, police brutality and racism.
Abandoned public places, empty shops and extreme sanitation are visible in photos from around the globe.
Ecologists at the University of Sydney and WWF Australia estimate that a billion is a conservative figure.
Spain's top court is set to decide on the fate of the politicians and activists behind Catalonia’s 2017 independence referendum.
Further sanctions are highly unlikely to force Iran to back down ‚Äď its leaders will only accept a u-turn from the US, maybe even a recommitment to the nuclear deal.
From Belarus to Ghana, Iran, Japan and Malaysia, governments with prisoners sentenced to death must ensure they are treated with humanity and dignity
The death toll stands at more than 1,400 but the distinct smell of decomposing bodies tells you this figure is only set to rise
World Refugee Day was established to commemorate ‚Äėthe strength, courage and perseverance‚Äô of refugees but in 2018, a series of news headlines reinforces why we need the day more than ever.
The world keeps turning. Here’s what might have passed you by.
Experts say the current situation is alarming because of a higher risk of transmission.