07/12/2015 10:51 GMT | Updated 01/12/2016 05:12 GMT

How to Decorate Your Wheelchair for the Festive Season

Step 1: Select a colour scheme. Silver can look quite stylish, whilst red and gold has a traditional charm.

Step 2: Buy some shiny things. Look for things that aren't breakable, that will catch the light, and preferrably are on a 3 for 2. If you want to outsmart the shops, buy in January for December 2016. Try to get even numbers of certain decorations, as a symmetrical design looks great from any camera angle.

Step 3: Clean your wheelchair. Let's be honest here, there's biscuit crumbs and cat fur between the cushions. The upholstery attachment on most hoovers will do a good job on the seat cushion and the chassis, and antibacterial wipes or a damp duster will shine up the metal framework a treat.

Step 4: Gather your gear. In addition to everything you bought in Step 2, you may need: cable ties, sticky tape, safety pins, scissors, sticky back velcro, a second pair of hands.

Step 5: Wrap tinsel in a tight spiral around any metal bar that isn't a moving part. Secure at both ends with sticky tape, and in a couple of places along the spiral if necessary. Long pieces of tape work better. It's best to double check that it's well clear of the wheels and that you're not going to get in a tinsel tangle.

Step 6: Battery operated lights. In addition to being fab, they're a great way to be safe and be seen on the way back from the work's Christmas do. Loop the wire through a safety pin to attach to the seat, or use a cable tie to attach them to the frame. The battery box can be secured in an easy-to-reach place with sticky back velcro or a ton of sticky tape.

Step 7: Baubles. Glass baubles are a disaster waiting to happen, but clear plastic snowflakes or glittery reindeer catch the light just as well. Hang them on anywhere and everywhere, keeping an eye on that all important symmetry, and secure in place with more sticky tape. Try to use fairly flat decorations on the sides of your wheelchair, else doorways will become a major problem.

Step 8: Hang a stocking from the back to transport all those Christmas goodies to and from your friends and family.

Step 9: Jingly bells. Wherever you go, they'll hear you coming and think for a second that they can hear Santa.

Step 10: Keep going. By now, you're probably searching your house for more festiveness to stick on and thinking "Would it work if I...?" Go with it, it's Christmas!

Step 11: Share it online. Bring the Christmas spirit to the world wide web and show off your creative handiwork with #wheelsleigh