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The Food Revolution in Uruguay

Since 2011, our Food Revolution Uruguay ambassador team has aimed at getting together people who foster a like-minded spirit and take part in different projects sharing the same food goals.

Story by The Food Revolution Uruguay Team

Since 2011, our Food Revolution Uruguay ambassador team has aimed at getting together people who foster a like-minded spirit and take part in different projects sharing the same food goals.

The group is led by the chef Elsa Manelphe and by Veterinary and Technology doctor Alicia Colombo. Chefs Laura Rosano, Diego Ruete and Florencia Curcio and nutritionists Luciana Lasus and Alejandra Botta complete the group.

Our mission is to encourage a balanced diet and promote cooking at home, and to share information regarding a healthier and richer life. We believe that organizing small gatherings is likely to have a great impact on society so as to foster a positive change.

Children are the Key to Change

We currently go to public schools to promote health nutrition and cook with children. We talk to kids about the benefits of healthy fresh food. We use games, songs and a lot of fun to learn more about the importance of cooking and eating well and the children enjoy cooking and eating the food!

We cherish the hope of taking our cooking to the schools of all the country as we are convinced that children are the key to a change for a better, healthier and more committed society.

We also carry out activities in public places, such as our last activity with Chef Laura Rosano cooking in a public market. She made a salad with quinoa, vegetables and rice. The activity was made in the new Market of Montevideo, and a lot of people turned up to talk about the Food Revolution, help with the activity and taste Laura´s salad.

Making it happen is a consequence of our way of being, thinking and saying. We also sponsor a state school in the province of Canelones, helping its fifty pupils grow a vegetable garden and teaching them how to cook stand out as clear evidence.

Connecting with the Local Community

Other short-term goals of ours include taking part in a local festival with our team cooking and giving talks on the importance of food in our body, and connecting with local fishermen and organic producers.

Not only have we carried out activities as a group but each of us encourages, supports and spreads the ideas of the Food Revolution which range from the use of local and seasonal products or getting to know new flavors and textures, to teaching children and adults how to cook.

We communicate the revolutionary manifesto through social networks, written press, the radio and television and give practical help to show that cooking is not only a way to grow both personally and within a family but also the means which enables us to grow healthier.

Check out this video of our Food Revolution Day 2013 celebrations at a local school, connect with us on Facebook here and on Twitter @FoodRevUruguay

About the Authors: The Food Revolution Uruguay team consists of Elsa Manelphe, Chef , born in Reunion Island, living in Uruguay; Alejandra Botta, nutritionist, worked specially in pregnancy; Alicia Colombo, Doctor in Veterinary Medicine and Technology, cattle breeder; Laura Rosano, Chef, Coordinator of Slow Food Canelones, Uruguay; Diego Ruete, Chef, Petit Gourmet: school food for children and Luciana Lasus, Chef, worked in several areas, but specifically focused on Nutritional Education.

About our Food Revolution Facebook photos: The album in Facebook is of our own sons and daughters cooking and some text saying the benefits of cook, practice, touch and play with food. The title of the album was: "For Children Day, give them TIME as a present" In each picture we write something related to the importance of share time with our children to cook, teach and play.