13/05/2016 11:43 BST | Updated 14/05/2017 06:12 BST

Boom Bang-a-Bang Punk

McCullough/PA Archive

I was very honoured that the BBC asked me to represent the UK in the 1994 Eurovision, though I will admit, I was nervous to say yes and actually I did say "Nooooooo." So they then sent the famous songwriter Don Black to persuade me to do it. It worked.

It's not that I didn't like Eurovision, I had many happy memories of my mum and dad's Eurovision parties at our home, but I knew there was a stigma attached to it.

After my chat with Don (and an offer of my own personal parking space at the BBC) I said "YES!" Somehow, I thought I would be able to offer a really cool song and change the face of Eurovision.

How wrong I was...

Eurovision likes to stay the way it is, and that's the way it should be... crazy, weird, slightly bad taste but with lots of fun and flamboyance thrown in. (Not that I wasn't flamboyant!)

My song, Lonely Symphony (We Will Be Free) was amazing actually, written by George de Angelis, I was very proud to sing it, the production was amazing, even Trevor Horn popped into the studio to help, and I was so proud of my look/style that I created for it - I called it 'Pre-Raphaelite-Punk'. It involved Doc Martins, flowing dresses, long matted hair and lots of ribbons... but alas, I was criticised.

Then on top of it all the BBC had complaints that my dance moves were too sexy and Radio 1 decided for the first time ever not to play my track! I was asked to tone down my hip swaying but that was Vivienne Westwood's fault really as her incredibly amazing platform shoes were so high that I was scared I would fall off the stage. Actually, in one of my Top of the Pops appearances I looked so funny as my legs were so far apart trying to balance on them and the other TOTP performance was equally as funny as I decided to randomly to show off my Union Jack knickers.

Here is the toppling off the Viv Westwood platform TOTP performance

You are allowed to laugh...

And, here is the 'Union Jack Knickers' live TOTP performance

Laugh more!

All these years later, I am so happy that I did it, I am blessed to have many fans through their love of Eurovision and also, their love and appreciation of my wonderful song.

Frances's new album I Say Yeh-Yeh is out now and produced by Gwyneth Herbert.